Frai tv , pronounced as fry tv, is built for all food lovers, food journalists around the globe.

Frai tv is a collection of short-form videos related to cooking experiences and the food ecosystem, that are useful in our day to day lives. The app will keep you engaged with all regional and international cuisines.

You can create, upload and publish your cuisine along with the ingredients used and step by step instructions to prepare the food. The content you upload will be subjected to approval of Frai tv community.

Frai tv will make cooking fun for everyone.



When your world collapses, either you sit and feel for what happened, or you stand up and focus on the next step. The choice is yours.

Me and my beloved team, Shei, DQ and CJ while spending time on learning new stuff felt the need for a small-form video streaming platform for this region; I am posting this message to announce that we are launching the Frai tv app today, could be the first of its kind in this region. With which we are starting a new slow and long learning journey.

My friend recently shared the factors of success, "Think Big. Start Small. Move Fast." in the same lines, the app we have built will initially focus on cooking, and food journalism and later will focus on other courses.

Reid Hoffman in Masters of scale keeps repeating that "If you're not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you've launched too late,". We built this product and launched it in just 45 days, working day and night. Our focus was on creating a Minimum Lovable Product with limited features.

The app is now available in both App and Play Store. We would love to see creators producing content about recipes, food production, food cultivation from your home, mass food cultivation, agritech, street food cooking, restaurant cooking, celebrity chef and nutrition/dietary facts. You can now download, register and be part of the founding community and shape the product.

Building the business model, tech platform, product roadmap, continuously improving the UX, optimising the resource, and scaling the solution is the easy part.

The tough part is to make Investors believe in your vision and make them be part of your journey. Without Investors, bold ideas couldn't cross the valley of death. I will now start focussing on raising pre-seed investment.

If you are an Early-stage Investor, interested in investing in an experienced and passionate team building a robust small-form video streaming platform, please let me know we can engage and begin a new journey.


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With Love

Sathish Jeyakumar Suhail Moideen
CJ Shei
Christeena John Shaheer CS


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